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4 Hawaii Snorkel Tours the Family Will Love!

a group of people swimming in the water

Are you looking into Hawaii snorkel tours for your trip to the islands? If so, that’s great!

Snorkeling is a great ocean activity that everyone in the family will enjoy. And the best part is – there are plenty of snorkeling tours to choose from! Every island has snorkeling options but in our personal opinion, Kauai is the very best. Why? Because we have the Napali Coast, one of the most iconic locations to snorkel in the world.

Want to learn more about the most popular snorkel tours around Napali? Here are 4 that the entire family will love:

Napali Snorkel Tour

If you want your excursion to focus just on snorkeling, the Napali snorkel express is a great option for you. This snorkel tour will take you up to the Napali coast where you will enjoy several hours of snorkeling in the water. You’ll have access to complimentary snacks and refreshments before returning to the dock energized and fulfilled.

Napali Dinner Cruise

Looking to turn your snorkel tour into a stunning dinner cruise? The Napali

Dinner Cruise is perfect for you. Available in the summer seasons, April – September you’ll get to enjoy the majestic Napali coast in the late afternoon sunlight, marveling at the dolphins and sea turtles in the water. Additionally, you’ll get to enjoy the stunning views of sea caves, waterfalls, and peaks and valleys, all from the boat’s railing. You’ll also get expert snorkel instruction in addition to a safe swimming platform and waterslide. When you’re all done playing in the water, you can then head inside where you’ll be treated to a wonderful evening meal based on traditional Hawaiian cuisine.

All of this fun is sure to feed the appetite but don’t worry about bringing snacks.

Complimentary meals are included.

Raft Adventure: Napali Snorkel and Explore

If the large boat with on-board amenities doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps you’d prefer the Napali Snorkel and Explore. This is a rafting tour that will take you along the Napali Coast. You’ll explore all the nooks and crannies the coastline has to offer including sea caves and waterfalls. Then, you’ll feast on a delicious picnic lunch before returning to the Dock.

During the summer months of Kauai, we are able to offer a special tour to Nu’alolo State Park.

Raft Adventure: Napali Beach Landing

This tour allows customers to get off the zodiac raft and go to shore on a remote beach on the Napali Coast. Kauai Sea Tours is one of 3 companies that hold permits to allow customers to land on a beach on the Napali. We are so pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to our customers. Keep in mind that this is not any old beach. This is a sacred historical Hawaiian fishing village with stone remnants of the structures that once resided there. This breathtakingly beautiful bay is one of the best snorkeling spots and a top must-see for anyone visiting the island.

Want to enjoy a full-immersive experience? This tour is definitely for you!

Kauai Sea Tours

Are you ready to book one of these Hawaii snorkel tours? If so, contact us at Kauai Sea Tours. We have been offering snorkel and adventure tours around the Napali Coast for many years. We take your experience very seriously and want you to have nothing but the very best timewhile on our island.

If you’re ready to book a fully immersive snorkel tour that is sure to be the highlight of your trip, contact us today. You won’t be disappointed!

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