Kauaʻi Sea Tours COVID-19 Response

Kauai Sea Tours (KST) has implemented new COVID-19 safety protocols in our  operations for the safety and wellbeing of our guests, staff and community. KST’s new policies adhere to the U.S. Coast Guards COVID-19 Safety requirements, and CDC  requirements / recommendations.

Required Face Covering

The President issued Executive Order (13998) requires that masks be worn on all “public  maritime vessels”. In addition the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  issued an order that requires all persons travelling on all commercial vessels to wear a  mask. ALL passengers and our staff are required to wear a face covering (face mask,  bandana, face gaiter, etc.) during KST tours. Your mask or face covering must cover your  nose and mouth and only be removed while eating, drinking or during water activities.  Mask exceptions apply only to children under the age of 3. This is for the safety of our  community, guests, and employees. 

We highly recommend guests bring their own face covering with them on our tours. If  forgotten, one can be supplied, upon request.

Vessels and Snorkeling Gear

ALL KST vessels including the complimentary snorkeling gear (snorkel, mask, fins and  flotation devices), are cleaned and sanitized before and after every use, using protocols and products suggested by the CDC.

Waiver and Health Screening

Upon booking all passengers will receive a digital waiver along with a COVID-19 health  waiver.

Required Temperature Check

All passengers will have their temperature checked before entering KST reservations office and retail store. All KST Staff – will have their temperature checked before  clocking in for their shift. For the safety of our guests and staff, any guest experiencing  a temperature of 100.4 degrees and higher and/or experiencing symptoms will not be  allowed to visit us at this time and will either be refunded or able to reschedule for a  later date.

Social Distancing

KST asks that all guests work to maintain a social distance (6ft. or more) from other  guests while on the property throughout boarding, de-boarding, and boat tour when  possible. To ensure appropriate social distancing, KST is operating at reduced  passenger capacity and will be limiting the number of people on all vessels.

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