In these uncertain times over the past few months, our normal way of life was turned upside down. Nearly everywhere closed down including schools to workplaces. Large events like graduations, proms, concerts, and more were postponed. Many of our favorite locations, landmarks, and attractions are closed for the safety of us and the employees that work there. As a whole, this pandemic has stunted so many people’s plans for 2020.

This has led many of our guests to wonder, is the Napali Coast closed?

At the time of writing this article, the Napali Coast is not closed. In fact, the Napali Coast is a great place to explore while social distancing. Here are four great ways to enjoy an adventure on the Napali Coast while social distancing from others.

Hiking & Camping

Hiking and camping on the Napali Coast are easy ways to social distance while still enjoying the aromatic fresh air we all love on Kauai. Campsites on the Napali Coast have a few different factors that make them perfect for social distancing, including:


You must acquire a permit to camp on the Napali Coast, which tends to limit the number of visitors to an extent. Permits can be reserved 30 days prior to your camping trip and limited people can have one at any given time. Non-residents must show proof that they’ve quarantined for two weeks before applying for a permit. This means the risk of COVID-19 is relatively lower than if you decided to book a hotel room.

Length of Stays

You can stay at Hanakoa and Kalalau when you adventure down the Kalalau Trail. However, you can’t stay for very long. Campers may only stay for a total of 5 nights on the trail, and can only camp in certain areas. This deters too many campers from conglomerating along the trail.


Imagine hiking miles into the jungle on difficult terrain. Now imagine you’re doing that while carrying your tent, blankets, food rations, and other camping essentials. Not everyone is cut out for it and so you’re likely to encounter fewer people.

If you’re looking for a great way to get out of the house for a few days while avoiding crowds, camping on the Napali Coast is perfect.

Kayaking the Coast

Can you say Instagrammable? Because that’s exactly what kayaking the Napali Coast is. Imagine being surrounded by nothing by light blue waters and fresh air while you leisurely paddle through sea caves made by lava tubes. This is perfect for those who want to get out of the house without interacting with many people.

Let’s say you’re not looking for a several-day excursion from the safety of your quarantine basecamp. Perhaps an afternoon enjoying some fresh air and beautiful island views would be better for the occasion.

Taking a Catamaran cruise around the Napali Coast would be a great way to enjoy the beautiful views while keeping your distance from others. They’re also a great way to enjoy a piece of Hawaiian culture, as catamarans are descendants of Polynesian canoes. To accompany COVID-19 regulations, many cruises are lowering capacity. Cruises are also enacting safety precautions like offering hand sanitizer and spreading seats apart. This allows cruise ships to stay open while keeping passengers and employees safe.

Catamaran tours offer a variety of experiences. These quick, stable boats offer a safe way to get an up-close view of the Napali, with fun adventures including snorkeling, swimming, cruising, sun-bathing, and dining. The crew provides extensive information about Hawaiian culture, history, and geography.

Rafting the Coast

Take a five and a half-hour excursion around the Napali Coast on a raft. Bring your quarantine crew and go rafting along the coast, underneath waterfalls, and even into sea caves if conditions permit. You can even encounter dolphins and sea turtles playing in their natural habitat.

When conditions allow, you can go snorkeling at Nualolo Kai. Nualolo Kai is one of the prettiest reefs on Kauai and is inaccessible from the land. Book with a company like Kauai Sea Tours to dive in and snorkel over tropical reefs under the watchful eye of experts. We provide all the gear & instructions for a great rafting and snorkeling experience.

Go See The Napali Coast

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