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“Experience of a lifetime!!!”

This was my favorite part of our honeymoon in Hawaii! We took the zodiac tour with Shane and Sean. It was only 6 couples on the boat, 2 of them were also honeymooners. We went into about 3 sea caves and saw the beautiful Napali Coast up close! During our beach landing, we saw an endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal while snorkeling. We also saw a whole bunch of both spinner & bottlenose dolphins. Sean gave us the tip of putting our go pro (you seriously need one if you’re going to Hawaii) underwater to see the whole pod! There were probably close to 30 dolphins right below us! What really made the trip so great were our tour guides. They were local young guys who were full of knowledge about the area and a lot of fun. Shane makes the ride a lot of fun and knows how to navigate a smooth, fun ride. Btw they do supply wet bags and offer a lot of opportunities to take pictures and grab your phone or camera. Highly recommended!!!!

Jessica L

★ ★ ★ ★ ★, TripAdvisor Review

“Napali coast rafting adventure”

Great half day trip out to the Napali Coast. Saw a pod of spinner dolphins, including one little baby that was just leaping out of the water and spinning like it’s little life depended on it. Very knowledgeable crew, gave us lots of history and pointed out various locations where movies had been filmed, as well as sacred burial areas. Stopped for a snorkel in a secluded area, managed to pop the boat into a couple of sea caves which was quite exciting. Pretty busy area though – there were 3-4 other rafts as well as 4-5 catamarans, so don’t expect privacy. The views were stunning, the waterfalls were beautiful.

Becca N

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We had an amazing day at sea! What a great and unforgettable experience! I highly recommend the Ocean Raft Tour. We drove in caves on our way from Hanapēpē to the Kalalau Lookout. We watched dolphins jump out of the water and play around our boat at least three times during the tour. There were plenty of photo opportunities! Jordan and CJ did a fantastic job showing and explaining the wonders on our way. If you get a chance to pick your crew you should definitely go with them!

Bring lots of sunscreen and a waterproof cover for your phone, if you intend to take pictures with it! And if you tend to motion sickness then I recommend taking meds that prevent that so you can enjoy your trip up the Nāpali Coast!

Michael S

★ ★ ★ ★ ★, Facebook Review

Really enjoyed this excursion. The staff was informative and entertaining. We benefitted from good weather and fairly calm seas. The staff was very attentive to passengers needs and we saw Dolphins, sea turtles and supposedly a manta ray. (I missed that one). The boat could have easily been overcrowded but it was not. We were able to interact with other passengers and get to know them somewhat. The snorkeling was good, but the highlight of course was the beautiful coast. Kudos to Kauai sea tours for making a standard tour exceptional and enjoyable. Flirt with the cook and she will throw a little extra chicken your way.

Clifford H

★ ★ ★ ★ ★, Facebook Review

Highlight of our vacation! We took a similar boat ride with snorkeling in Maui a few years ago and liked it a lot but this trip, with its incredible scenery and narrative by Captain Greg as we went along, were AWESOME! Loved it! We came across 3 dolphin pods. 1 pod swam alongside the boat with us for a good while; a DOZEN dolphins, including 3 or 4 babies, within a few feet of us.

Captain Greg and his mates Evan, Julie and Kobe were fabulous hosts and a lot of fun. We stayed up front and rode the waves most of the time. Remember to bring cash to tip the crew as you get off! 15-20% is standard.

I talked to Evan for a bit. He’s native to Kauai and grew up in a fishing family so the Na Pali coast was basically his playground as a kid. He literally smelled sea turtles in the water before we passed them. Talk about an authentic local!

The boat has 2 bathrooms, which is a major advantage over zodiac boats (Navy-style rafts). It offered many seating and standing options and the food was good. They had hot coffee and pastries in the morning, then sandwiches, cookies and drinks for lunch.

I have issues with motion sickness but chewing 2 Bonine 18 hrs before and again 1 hr before the boat ride worked fine. I made a point to stay in the fresh air and where I could see the full horizon, right up front. Worked great.

Emily K

★ ★ ★ ★ ★, Yelp Review

Best excursion hands down!!! We booked the Zodiac tour and had the time of our lives. Captain Phil and CJ were fantastic. Captain Phil stopped along the way to show us turtles and Dolphins and both were very knowledgeable about the islands history. This tour is definitely for the adventurous type and I would book with this company again in a heartbeat.

Jennifer S

★ ★ ★ ★ ★, Yelp Review