We offer two types of tours from our Catamaran to our zodiac rafts.

Thinking about taking a Kauai catamaran cruise? If so, that’s great! Catamarans are a great way to enjoy the local scenery while also exploring Hawaiian culture. They are perfect for individuals or families and are sure to add plenty of excitement to your trip!

To learn more about catamarans and cruise tours, keep reading below!

What Is A Catamaran?

So what exactly is a catamaran? A Catamaran is similar to a sailboat. However, instead of having one main hull, it has two hulls connected by a large deck and/or multiple levels. Catamarans are designed for comfort and stability, with the hulls gliding over the waves instead of through them.

Catamarans are descendants of Polynesian canoes, which means they are special to Hawaiian culture. While they were most often used for exploration and gathering, they are now used for adventure and enjoyment. Therefore, you will not only enjoy a day in complete comfort but you’ll also get to experience a little piece of native Hawaii when booking a catamaran cruise.

What kind of cruises are available?

There are plenty of catamaran cruises available to you on the island of Kauai. Two of them include:

Catamaran Snorkel Cruise

Hoping to enjoy the Hawaiian scenery and take in the local wildlife? You should consider a catamaran snorkel cruise. These cruises will take you up along the Napali Coast where you will receive plenty of history about the area and environment. You’ll then get to swim with local wildlife and enjoy refreshments before returning to the dock. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Catamaran Whale Watching Cruise

Do you want to enjoy the local wildlife without going swimming? Then the catamaran whale watching cruises are for you. Instead of swimming in the water, you can sit on the deck and marvel at the whales swimming around you. You’ll receive history and legend information from the area. You’ll also get to use the hydrophone to listen to the whales communicate. If this isn’t on your bucket list yet, it definitely should be!

Express Catamaran Cruise

Are you new to the nautical world and hesitant to sign yourself up for being stuck on a long tour on a boat? Our Express Catamaran cruise is a great option for you. The vessel offers a very familiar, comfortable layout. All the seats are facing forward and the layout feels very similar to a buss or a plain. The crew members will come down the isles and serve you to your seat. The boat is one of the fastest vessels in Kauai and will make the trip to and from Napali much shorter. The amount of time you get to spend on the coast with sea caves, waterfalls and the breathtaking peaks and valleys is about the same as the other tours but the commute is much shorter. 

Book a Kauai Catamaran Cruise

Are you ready to book a Kauai catamaran cruise? If so, consider us at Kauai Sea Tours. We offer catamaran cruises of all kinds aboard our “Lucky Lady” vessel. Our spacious catamaran provides plenty of seating options and observation decks for whale watching and relaxing. Additionally, our tours include snacks and refreshments, expert guides, and plenty of scenery to photograph and enjoy. 

Don’t book a Kauai catamaran cruise with just anyone – choose Kauai Sea Tours and become a part of our Ohana today!