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Check Out These 3 Fascinating Facts About Humpbacks Before Your Whale Watching Adventure, Kekaha-Waimea, Hawaii

No trip to Hawaii is complete without booking a whale watching tour. Researchers estimate that the islands are home to the largest winter population of North Pacific humpback whales, making them the perfect place for seasonal boat tours. You can learn more about these majestic creatures by reading below, where the knowledgeable team at Kauai Sea Tours has compiled just a few of the most fascinating facts about humpback whales.

What You Should Know About Humpbacks Before Going Whale Watching

1. Their Songs Are Long & Complex

Male humpback whales sing long, complicated songs composed of bellows, whistles, squeaks, and squeals. These songs can last for up to 30 minutes, and males in the same breeding ground can be expected to sing the same songs, although the individual verses may evolve over time.

2. They Do Not Reach Their Full Size for a Decadewhale watching

According to National Geographic, humpback calves continue growing until about the age of 10, at which point they can be anywhere from 48 to 62 feet in length and weigh up to 40 tons. Despite their massive size, humpback whales subsist on small schooling fish, krill, and plankton

3. They May Live as Long as Humans

Because humpback whales have baleen instead of teeth, it is hard for researchers to estimate their approximate age; however, scientists speculate that their life expectancy is roughly 80 years. The greatest threats to humpback whales include killer whales, indigenous hunters, pollution, and large ships that can cause life-threatening injuries by striking them.

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