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NaPali Snorkel Tours

5.5-6 hrs Adults $155
Teen $145 • Children $115

5 hrs Adults $155
Teen $145 • Children $115

6.5 hrs Adults $155
Teen $145 • Children $115

Snorkel Raft Adventure







5 – 5.5 hrs Adults $135
Teen $125 • Children $95

Sightsee Tours

4 hours Adults $120
Teen $110 • Children $95

Sightsee Cave Adventure







4 hours  Adults $120
Teen $110 • Children $80

2 hrs Adults $85
Teen $85 • Children $65

Whale Watch Raft Adventure







3 – 3.5 hrs Adults $75
Teen $75 • Children $45





Caves & waterfalls


"Literally the best day of my life!"

“Waited 10+ years to see NaPali coast line. I definitely chose the right company to ride with. Colin, Evan, and Matt made my experience 10x more incredible. Couldn’t be more thankful! 

"We saw flying fish, a monk seal, spinner dolphins, a few sea turtles, and tropical fish."

“If you’ve ever seen the Grand Canyon and remember the feeling you had when you first stepped up to the rim and saw its grandeur for the first time… well, that is the feeling you get when you see the NaPali coastline – it’s breathtaking – a must see!.”

"Without a doubt, this was the best experience we've had on any vacation excursion."

“The pictures don’t do it justice! The views were spectacular!! We saw several schools of both spinner dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. We got to snorkel next to a sea turtle. It was all AMAZING!!!!”

-Maggie M.

Tours may vary due to the wind and sea conditions for customer safety, comfort, and fun, but no matter which route your vessel takes, there will be plenty of highlights along the way! 

Points of interest for the NāPali Coast

Points of interest for the South Side

Points of interest for Whale Watching

Kauai Sea Tours | Boat Tours, Whale Watching & Snorkeling in Kauai, HI

Welcome aboard Kauai Sea Tours boating adventures along the NāPali Coast. Pick your tour of choice on a deluxe 60 ft. spacious custom built catamaran or choose a thrilling Raft adventure to explore Kauai’s majestic NāPali Coast – make amazing memories on this adventure of a lifetime!

Seating is limited Reserve your NāPali coast experience directly here online or Call us to Save Money. Toll free 1-800-733-7997 or 1-808-335-5309

Playful dolphins, humpback whales (Dec – Apr.), sea turtles, waterfalls, secluded beaches, snorkeling and sea caves make this a “can’t miss” adventure on Kauai!

The Best Catamaran and Rafting Adventures on Kauai!

Kauai Sea Tours is unique among the boat tour operators on Kauai and an originator of NāPali coast tours.  We are the first to offer both catamaran and Raft adventure tours of the NāPali Coast. Experience does count and our excellent record sets the standard for Hawaii Raft adventures by the US Coast Guard.

Take advantage of our unique special use permits to land the rafts on the Na Pali Coast for a narrated cultural walking tour of an ancient Hawaiian Fishing Village at Nu’alolo Kai.  All tours depart from Port Allen, Eleele, operated by experienced USCG licensed boat captains and skilled crew, who are educated about Kauai wildlife, conservation and history.