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Reasons to Charter a Catamaran for Your Kauai Event

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Event planning can be equal parts exciting and challenging. Whether you’re planning a wedding, coordinating the family reunion, or organizing the company’s employee celebration, there are a lot of important elements to consider in event planning.

The first step in planning an event is often picking a venue and event date. A great venue should have enough space for your group with plenty of activities to keep your guests engaged and entertained. Often, there will need to be an area to serve and prepare food as well. Additionally, the perfect venue will also have enough staffing to make sure your guests are taken care of.

Planning an event? Keep reading to learn why you should charter a catamaran for your next event!

Catamarans Have Plenty of Space

Catamarans are fairly large event venues. When it comes to catamarans, you can assume that 50% of the length will be usable space.

With a catamaran. you’ll have a very accommodating space for your event. In some, you’ll find several rooms, including a kitchen and suites for people to stay the night. They come complete with large cabins, decks, and even a large net to sit on and sunbathe.

The spacious nature of catamarans makes them an ideal choice for large events and gatherings because there’s plenty of places to mingle and rest. In the catamaran, there are areas to play, meet, eat, and enjoy a spectacular day on the water.

Experienced Crew

Catamarans come with a captain and crew. You’ll never have to worry about navigating the ship because you’ll have a knowledgeable captain to ensure the ship leaves and returns to port safely.

Catamaran charters also include other crew members such as tour guides, bartenders, and even chefs to make your event magical. These crew members know the best photo spots and sights to check out as you sail around the island.


Catamarans sometimes include a small but convenient area for preparing food and will almost always have space to set up a buffet table for your event. Some catamaran charter companies also offer in-house catering for events. They often have a selection of sandwiches, pasta, salads, chips, and other fun foods for your guests to enjoy.

Exciting Adventures

Catamarans don’t have a hull that extends deep into the water. In fact, catamarans tend to stay close to the surface of the water. Because of this, catamarans can easily navigate near the shore, through sea arches, and even into some sea caves.

Catamarans also provide easy access to the water for your guests to go swimming, snorkeling, or even paddle boarding. Some of the best catamaran tours also include equipment for snorkeling.

Catamaran charters are a unique venue that offers several fun activities for guests, ensuring no one gets bored at your event.

Stability & Safety

Catamarans are one of the safest watercrafts on the water. This is due to the difference between monohulls and two hulls. Many boats only have one hull, making them monohull boats. This is the case with most cruisers and runabouts.

However, catamarans have two separate hulls. In larger, luxury catamarans, each hull will also have its own motor inside each hull. The two hulls easily distribute the weight and can displace the impact of an ocean wave between the two hulls. This makes it difficult for a catamaran to capsize or get damaged by sudden rough waves or inclement weather.

If too many dark clouds creep across the horizon, catamarans can quickly escape the incoming storm. If caught in a storm, a catamaran can safely weather the storm and return to shore.

Book A Catamaran For Your Kauai Event

At Kauai Sea Tours, we offer private Catamarans for corporate events, family reunions, weddings, and much more! Our Kauai Sea Tours Coordinators take pride in being your go-to resource for coordinating vendors and creating an incredible event to remember. We can manage planning live music, florals, decoration, catering, photography and videography, special wedding accommodations, and more. Our catamarans can accommodate up to 49 passengers.

Charter a private catamaran cruise for your event today!

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