Kekaha-Waimea, Kauai
Whale Watching Season Comes To An End In April, Kekaha-Waimea, Hawaii

Have you ever seen a majestic humpback whale soar through the air, or slap its 10-foot long tail on the ocean surface? If you haven’t encountered the magic of witnessing these beautiful creatures up close, then you’re missing an experience of a lifetime. Fortunately, April is one of the best times of the year in Eleele, Hawaii, for catching one of these incredible mammals in action. Each day, Kauai Sea Tours treat their excited guests to a first-class whale watching adventure.

From December through the end of April, these 45-ton beauties love spending time in the shallow waters of Kauai. Much like Hawaiian tourists, they flock to the warmth of the water during the winter months. Humpback whales—called kohola in Hawaiian—travel more than a thousand miles from the frigid North Pacific Ocean to the warm and comfortable temperatures located just around the island. This environment is idyllic for breeding, calving, and nursing their young. Each year, about 4,000 humpbacks come to Hawaii to enjoy the open, crystalline waters surrounding the islands.

whale watchingSince these whales are on vacation this time of year, they are happy to breach, slap their pectoral fins on the ocean surface, or pop their heads out of the water. When they breach, they propel nearly half their body mass out of the water, culminating in a tremendous splash. Since the calves are young and still learning how to live, many are lucky enough to catch a baby learning how to breach, jump, and play.

If you want to heighten your chances of seeing one of these marvelous creatures in action, you have to act fast. Most humpbacks head back North around the beginning of May. While they’re still enjoying their vacations—now is the perfect time to enjoy one of your own! Book a whale watching tour with Kauai Sea Tours today. Call a helpful professional at (808) 335-5309 to learn more about boat trips, including rafting and catamaran rides.