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Guide to Snorkeling Nualolo Kai Beach

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If you are looking for a new adventure, then snorkeling along the Nualolo Kai beach might be just what you are looking for. This is one of the best spots on Kauai to go snorkeling and offers great visibility with only about 10 to 20 feet of water. The sandy bottom makes it easy to navigate, so no need to worry about getting lost down there!

Ready to dive in? Keep reading below to learn about Nualolo Kai Beach!

The History of Nualolo Kai

The history of Nualolo Kai Beach goes back to the 1800s when it was used by ancient Hawaiians for fishing and gathering food. It’s considered a Hawaiian Temple site and is still used for religious ceremonies to this day. The beach was also a popular spot for locals and visitors in the early 1900s but fell into disuse over time. It wasn’t until the late 1990s that people started to rediscover Nualolo Kai Beach and it has become a popular spot once again for snorkeling and swimming. So if you’re looking for a bit of history as well as some great snorkeling, then Nualolo Kai Beach is the place for you!

The beach is also home to a few archaeological sites, which make it a popular spot for visitors. Inscribed on rocks around Nuaololo Kai Beach, you’ll find petroglyphs. No one knows exactly what they mean, but some believe these petroglyphs recorded births and deaths.

So if you’re looking for a new place to explore and want some great snorkeling, Nualolo Kai Beach is definitely worth checking out! If you are interested in learning more about the history of the beach, be sure to check out one of the many guided tours that are available.

What To Bring To Nualolo Kai

Make sure to bring a swimsuit, sunscreen, water shoes or sandals, and a towel. If you have your own snorkeling gear, be sure to pack that too!

The Nualolo Kai Beach is one of the best places to go snorkeling in Kauai because the water is so clear and shallow. That means you can see a variety of fish, coral, sea turtles, rays, and more! There are also some great caves that offer shelter from the sun if it gets too hot on this stretch of beach.

As part of Hawaii’s famous Nualolo Trail system, this beach is a great place to spend the day swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. So bring your family and friends and enjoy all that Kauai has to offer!

Book A Beach Landing

How To Get To Nualolo Kai Beach

Nualolo Kai is considered a hidden beach because it’s only reachable by boat landing. Behind it is a 1,500-foot cliff that used to have a rope ladder nearby, but that’s gone. Now the only way to access Nualolo Kai Beach is by boat or raft. Due to the cultural significance of Nualolo Kai Beach, not every person or company with a boat can legally land a boat there.

Kauai Sea Tours is one of the few tour companies that can land at Nualolo Kai Beach and offers rafting tours there that include snorkeling.

What You Can See Snorkeling At Nualolo Kai Beach

There are a ton of fish to see while snorkeling along Nualolo Kai Beach. Because there is such clear water, you can often get really close to the fish and watch them in their natural habitat! You might even be lucky enough to spot some turtles or dolphins during your time on the beach.

Nualolo Kai Beach has a wide variety of coral and fish that you can see while snorkeling. With its sandy bottom, it’s easy to navigate and find your way around. So if you’re looking for a great place to spend the day snorkeling, Nualolo Kai Beach is definitely worth checking out!

Visit Nualolo Kai Beach with Kauai Sea Tours

Enjoy an incredible day of rafting along the coast and land at Nualolo Kai Beach. This sacred and historical location is a huge bucket list item for many travelers but as travel to this beach is restricted, not everyone gets to accomplish this feat. At Kauai Sea Tours, we are among the few companies who are permitted to land at Nualolo Kai Beach. Join us for a day of rafting and snorkeling with a picnic at Nualolo Kai!

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