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Sea Caves to Visit on Kauai

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The Na Pali Coast is home to beautiful landscapes. Verdant forests, towering cliffs, waterfalls cover this gorgeous area. And below them lies a beautiful ocean and sea caves.

On your trip to Kauai, make sure to make time to visit the Na Pali Coast and explore the sea caves. Many of the sea caves can be toured by raft or small boat and a lot of these tours offer family-friendly options.

Here are the most popular sea caves you’ll see on your visit to Kauai:

Queen’s Bath Cave – The Open Ceiling

The Hawaiian Islands were forged by volcanic eruptions. Hence, many of the caves you’ll find on the island of Kauai were created by volcanic activity as well. The Queen’s Bath Cave is a legendary example of this.

The Queen’s Bath Cave is also known as the Open Ceiling cave and is actually a hollowed-out lava tube. Long ago, the ceiling of the cave collapsed and freshwater filled the bottom of the cave. Today, the water in the cave is 65 feet deep at its lowest point.

The best time to visit The Queen’s Bath is in the summer months. Small boats and kayaks are able to adventure into the small opening.

It’s located near the Kapiolani loop in Princeville.

Waiahuakua Sea Cave

The Waiahuakua Sea Cave is the largest sea cave on the Na Pali Coast and the second-longest sea cave in the United States. The cave is approximately 1,155-feet long and is a popular rafting destination.

Waiahuakua Sea Cave means “sacred water,” though many people refer to the cave as the “Double Door Cave” because it has both an entrance and exit opening. As you raft through the cave and get closer to the exit, you’ll find the Waiahuakua waterfalls. The Waiahuakua waterfalls cascade through a fissure in the volcanic walls and is a great photo opportunity.

Honopu Sea Cave

Like some of the sea caves we’ve listed, Honopu Sea Cave has a breathtaking waterfall. This one is located near the entrance to the sea cave. This sea cave is full of colorful tropical fish, lava rock, and vibrant coral colored pink and blood red.

Honopu Sea Arch

Movie buffs especially like this one. The Sea Arch of Honopu has been featured in several movies, including Pirates of the Caribbean, James Bond, and King Kong.

The Na Pali Sea Arch

Below the Hanakoa Valley lies the Na Pali Sea Arch. The Sea Arch is not always visible, but when the ocean has a rare calm day, adventurers can take a raft through the arch. From the arch, you can see waterfalls cascading into the clear blue Pacific ocean from gorgeous, verdant cliffs.

Honololo Sea

To enter the Honololo cave, you must raft through the waterfall that covers the entrance. But the Pirates Cave is definitely a treasure worth exploring. The Honololo Sea Cave is sometimes called the Pirates Cave. This massive cave is actually three caves in one. These three caves include the Zebra Cave, with calcium lines against the black lava rock, the Skull Cave that’s shaped like a skull, and the Godzilla Egg Cave with large round pink rocks.

How to Tour the Sea Caves

The best way to explore the sea caves around Kauai is by raft. The best rafting excursions depart in the morning. These will give you a chance to explore the sea caves and see the beautiful wildlife near the sea caves, such as dolphins, sea turtles, and tropical fish. The rafting tours are led by experienced rafters who can teach you proper rafting techniques and tour guides who can give you insight into the landmarks along the way.

Some of the sea cave rafting tours even include a snorkeling session. Imagine telling your friends and family back home about your adventure snorkeling in a cave made from a lava tube while surrounded by crystal blue waters and tropical fish.

Explore Sea Caves with Kauai Sea Tours

Kauai Sea Tours has been providing award-winning tours since 1991. Over the years, we’ve earned ten consecutive TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Awards. Our fun team is passionate about creating incredible adventures in paradise and we’re excited to explore Kauai with you.

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