Kekaha-Waimea, Kauai
When Should You Visit Hawaii?, Kekaha-Waimea, Hawaii

There isn’t a wrong time to visit paradise. However, if you want to make the most out of your Hawaiian vacation while saving some money, choosing your timeline wisely will help. Below is a little more information about booking your next trip, so you can enjoy the tourist attractions you want to see most.

When Is Hawaii’s Off-Season?

Since people typically visit Hawaii during the winter, the most popular time of year tends to be from mid-December through mid-April. During this peak season, prices for airfare and tourist attractions tend to be higher. On the other hand, prices tend to decrease after spring break in April, and they usually stay low through October, which is considered the islands’ off-season. The spring and early fall are considered Hawaii’s dry season, which means visitors experience lower temperatures and less humidity.

Is There a Time of Year Wildlife Shines?

tourist attractionYou can see a movie or do a little shopping just about anywhere, but what makes Hawaii really special is the Pacific Ocean wildlife. One of the most popular tourist attractions on Kauai is snorkeling and boat tours, where visitors have the chance to see tropical fish swimming around colorful coral reefs.

During the winter, boat tours make it easy to spot the acrobatic Humpback whales who arrive in the islands from December through early May, while the playful Spinner Dolphins can be seen year-round. During the summer months, visitors might even spot Green Sea Turtles because of the calmer waters. If you love the ocean, talk to a boat charter company about which season will provide the best opportunity for spotting your favorite type of marine life.


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