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Dolphin Watching 101: Fun Facts About Hawaiian Spinners , Kekaha-Waimea, Hawaii

Have you ever seen a Hawaiian spinner dolphin flying through the air? Spinner dolphins are beautiful, playful creatures that can be seen in pods off the cost of Eleele, Hawaii, thanks to Kauai Sea Tours. Today, these dolphin watching experts will explain what to know about this particular species.

5 Interesting Facts About Spinner Dolphins

1. They’re Commonly Confused with Bottlenose Dolphins

Since they’re somewhat similar to bottlenose dolphins, from the gray color to the pointed mouth, people tend to confuse spinner dolphins with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. However, these species are entirely distinct, from their habits to where they live.

2. They Travel in Huge Pods

Spinner dolphins travel in pods that range from hundreds to 1,000. That means when you take a boat tour at Kauai Sea Tours, you catch much more than a cursory glimpse of one or two dolphins. Instead, you’ll see hundreds!

dolphin watching3. They Get Their Name From Their Tricks

Spinner dolphins live up to their name. These sea mammals leap into the air, performing 360-degree spins and various acrobatic feats. They also spin around below water.

4. They Love To Visit

Spinners are certainly not afraid to swim right up to the boat tours and greet passengers. Rather than shying away from people like other species will, these highly affable mammals love to visit, which makes them perfect for dolphin watching.

5. Spinners Live up to 30 Years

On average, spinner dolphins live 20 to 30 years in the wild. Right now, less than 3,500 spinner dolphins are in the world, most of which are located in the Hawaiian Islands.

Audiences of all ages love seeing the dolphins leap into the air and swim up to the catamaran at Kauai Sea Tours. To learn more about catching these fun animals in action, call today at (808) 335-5309. You can also learn more about their dolphin watching tours online.