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Kauai – The Garden Island

a canyon with a mountain in the background

Think of a place that is blessed with some of the most impressive natural features in the world. Almost entirely covered in lush greenery, it leaves everyone who sees it in a state of wonder and awe. Look more closely, and it becomes apparent that much of the inland area consists of a gorgeous tropical forest that perfectly complements the sandy coastline.

Does all this sound too good to be true? It’s real. In fact, this is the majestic island of Kauai, which is commonly referred to as the “Garden Island”.

A Short Introduction to the Garden Island of Kauai

Home to a population of 65,000, Kauai is so-named because of the stunning natural features that make it a virtual green paradise. And as anyone who has experienced the island firsthand knows, you can’t help but feel a sense of calm and serenity when you are here.

This magical place was actually a hidden treasure of sorts for decades, despite being one of the most visited islands by locals. One of eight islands that make up the Hawaiian chain, it has also been inhabited the longest.

One thing that sets Kauai Island apart from the rest is that it has remained virtually untouched by modern development. Even today, it has several features that hearken back to ancient times, further adding to the legendary allure of the place. If you are visiting Hawaii and are looking for a place that looks the same as it did thousands of years ago, there is no better destination than Kauai.

Known As The Garden Island For Its Stunning Nature

Of course, Kauai is ideal for nature-lovers, but it also offers many attractions that should appeal to more casual visitors. The beaches are absolutely gorgeous, with long stretches of gleaming white sand that serve as the perfect base from which you could enjoy various outdoor activities. Whether you want to spend an entire day combing the beach or simply lounging on the sand, Kauai offers many opportunities to do so.

Apart from its expansive white sandy beaches, Kauai also boasts an extensive river network that is just as impressive as the other natural features the island offers. It is a hub of sorts that connects to several tributaries, including the majestic Wailua River.

One of the longest and largest on the island and the third-longest in Hawaii, Wailua River offers breathtaking views that are well worth the trip. A visit to the area also gives you a chance to explore its unique flora and fauna, which further enhances Kauai’s reputation as the Garden Island.

Expect to get a lot of rain when you visit Kauai. The entire region is one of the wettest on the planet, especially around Mount Waialeale. Known locally as the place of “overflowing water”, it is a magnificent mountain situated on the island’s center.

Mount Waialeale towers an impressive 5,148 feet above sea level. On sunny days when there isn’t too much cloud cover, you can see most of the island’s fabulous sights from the peak. Be warned, though: the area gets about 400 inches of rain annually, so make sure to bring suitable clothing and footwear.

Many more amazing sights can be seen down at the coast and out at sea. Kauai Island is an idyllic destination for sightseers, and going off a distance is a great way to get the big picture. Kauai is truly a breathtaking visual treat, from the myriad colors that make up the coastline to the lush green backdrop further inland and the majestic mountains just beyond.

Experience The Garden Island With Kauai Sea Tours

By now, you must be raring to hop on a plane and experience the wonders of Kauai Island firsthand. Before you even pack your bags, why not give Kauai Sea Tours a call and book a boat tour that will assure you of a memorable time? The company has been serving the island for many years now, with fascinating tours that provide a one-of-a-kind glimpse into everything the region offers.

From dolphin and whale watching tours to relaxing excursions through green sea turtle habitats, Kauai Sea Tours has the knowledge and expertise to ensure a wonderful experience for the entire family. So if you are planning a visit to Hawaii and Kauai is on the itinerary, get in touch with Kauai Sea Tours for an experience you won’t forget.

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