Photo Credit: Kauai Sea Tours

The Hawaiian Monk Seal is one of the cutest 400-pound pinnipeds that we enjoy seeing here on Kauai. They are unique and native to the Hawaiian Islands because, unlike other seals who prefer the cold climate, they enjoy the warm sandy beaches. These adorable marine mammals are endangered which is caused by the encroachment of their territory, by fishing nets, and marine debris that threatens them.

We can all play a part in keeping the seals safe and wild. By maintaining a clean beach, picking up our trash, reducing plastic use and recycling, and giving the monk seal space, we can help protect them. We are thankful for the many organizations and volunteers who look after the well-being of the monk seals.

From time to time, we at Kauai Sea Tours get the opportunity to see the monk seal come out of the water waddling their way to the sandy beach to rest. We will even see them relaxing on the beaches along the Kauai Coastline. It is a sweet and delightful sight!

It is also fun to notice a monk seal swimming and catching a wave on any beach then finding one of them swimming next to you! It can be a bit uneasy, but you will quickly note that they, too, enjoy the warm waters of Kauai.

Marine life is a beautiful part of nature that we experience on Kauai. While maintaining our distance, we can still catch a glimpse of these magnificent mammals and snap a picture or two.