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What to Look for In Your Snorkeling Gear?

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Snorkeling is a hugely popular activity in Hawaii. If you live on the island or are planning a trip to these beautiful islands, you might consider investing in snorkeling gear. For extended trips, buying snorkeling gear is cheaper than renting the equipment day after day.

Nevertheless, buying snorkeling gear means you will have to get your hands on equipment and be mindful of prices and the size of the gear. There are just three simple pieces of snorkeling gear. However, we will also help you with the additional equipment pieces that can maximize your joy while making snorkeling super-easy. So, without further ado, let’s get going:

Picking a Snorkeling Mask

A snorkeling mask is just like a pair of swimming goggles. The only difference is that you can see through this mask underwater. It creates an air space in front of your eyes and gives you a chance to look at the more expansive view. You must choose the ideal fit for your mask. It is essential to realize that these masks are different for different people, and thus, you might have to perform certain quality and fitting tests, including the suction test, comfort, and silicone tests before buying them.

The Snorkels

You can surely guess by the name of it, snorkels are essential gear. Without snorkels, you cannot go snorkeling. It helps keep your face in the water while allowing you to breathe through a tube. Snorkels vary in their shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, you must choose the snorkel that suits you the best.

Snorkeling Fins

Fins are the only thing that can help you rush into the water. If you have the perfect pair of fins, you can swim effortlessly through the water. Fins look astonishingly elementary, but there is a ton of science behind these.

There are two types of fins. One is an open heel, and the other is the full foot. Full foot fins are mostly preferred because they provide a sleek fit and help you swim efficiently through the water. They have wider blades which makes them optimal for warmer waters. An open heel is mostly not preferred. Additionally, if you are a snorkeling beginner, you should use the full foot fins.

Full-Face Mask

If you are a big fan of the latest innovations, you will love this gear, which combines the face mask and the snorkel. It has built-in anti-fog and provides a much wider vision backed up with a comfortable face seal. At first, it might seem a bit heavy and, of course, a little more expensive, but once you get used to its premium advantages, there is no turning back.

Additional Gear

Additional gear that might help you swim better and more comfortably in the water while reinforcing your enjoyment include the following;

  • Rashguard – it helps protect the diver from dangerous UV rays and helps them dry once they’re out of the water.
  • Dry bag – this bag keeps anything that you store inside it completely dry and clean.
  • Mask anti-fog – Before entering the water, you must use this toner to keep your mask from fogging on the inside.

Other equipment includes neoprene mask straps, mesh bags, snorkeling vests, and many other products. Buying snorkeling gear can be a hassle for you if you only want to go once or twice on your trip. Therefore, it is a better option if you book a snorkeling tour with Kauai Sea Tours, who will provide you with the complete snorkeling gear, and you will have the best underwater experience of witnessing marine life.

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