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Places You Should Visit During Your Trip To Kauai

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Kauai is a beautiful island with plenty of things to do and see. One of the most popular attractions on Kauai is the Na Pali Coastline, which can be seen best from the water. If you’re looking for a great way to experience the natural beauty of Kauai, we recommend taking one of our boat tours. Our knowledgeable and friendly guides will take you through some of the most stunning scenery the island has to offer.

The Na Pali Coastline

The Na Pali coastline is a must-see when visiting Kauai. This coastline is only accessible by boat or helicopter, so taking a tour is the best way to see it. Our boat tours take you along the coast and through some of the most beautiful scenery on the island. You’ll get to see coastal cliffs, waterfalls, and pristine beaches that can’t be found anywhere else!

What Makes the Na Pali Coastline a Must-See Attraction on the Island of Kauai?

The Na Pali coastline is a breathtaking landmark. Here are a few interesting facts about the natural wonder:

  • Na Pali means high cliffs, and the sea cliffs along this spectacular coastline reach as high as 4,000 feet!
  • The Na Pali Coastline stretches 17 miles along the north coast of Kauai
  • The Na Pali Coast State Park spans 6,175 acres in its entirety
  • Receiving over 400 inches a year in rainfall, the Na Pali Coast contains some of the world’s largest and most beautiful waterfalls
  • From dolphins and sea turtles to tropical fish and whales, the Na Pali Coast boasts an incredible array of marine life that you have to see for yourself

If you’re looking for an adventure during your trip to Kauai, the Na Pali Coastline is the perfect place to explore!

Explore the Hidden Beaches of The Na Pali Coast

Kauai Sea Tours Na Pali Beach Landing tour, which is available from May 1 through August 31, is one of our most popular tours for exploring the hidden beaches of the Na Pali Coast. This tour includes a stop at Nualolo Kai Beach, one of the most secluded and beautiful beaches on Kauai. You’ll have time to relax on the beach, swim, snorkel and explore before heading back to the marina.

Nualolo Kai Beach was the site of an ancient Hawaiian fishing village and is a national treasure. Because of its historic significance, a special permit is needed to visit this beach. Kauai Sea Tours is one of the only tour companies that have a permit to land on this beautiful beach. During your time on this beach, our knowledgeable guides will gladly give you a narrated tour of this culturally important site.

Besides the beach landing, during the tour you will be able to explore the nooks and crannies of the Na Pali Coast. This includes going under waterfalls and in sea caves when the conditions allow it.

Book Your Na Pali Coast Tour Today!

If you’re planning a trip to Kauai, be sure to add Kauai Sea Tours to your list of must-do activities! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Contact us today to book your tour. We look forward to showing you the best of what Kauai has to offer!

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