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Visiting Kauai in Winter

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What is the ideal time to visit the beautiful Kauai? Is it during summer, when the hiking trails are dry? Or is it during winter, when the gorgeous beaches are swelling with water? The most accurate answer is: All Year Round!

Kauai’s climate doesn’t change much. The Garden Isle experiences the winter season from November to February; the weather doesn’t change a great deal. Though every single part of Kauai has its own climate ranges, they’re usually tourist-friendly throughout the year. This is, however, the time of year when you can go whale watching!

Winter is the time when it rains on the island. While the South Shore is mostly dry and sunny during winter, the North Shore is usually damp.

Worried about what to do when visiting Kauai in winters? Curious if winter is the best time of year to visit Hawaii? The following list of winter activities will assist you in planning better and experiencing Kauai like you’ve never done before.

Surf Watching and Surfing Kauai in the Winter

Unlike the summer, Kauai’s usually populated beaches are found to be deserted and remote during the winter season. The primary reasons are the erratic ocean currents, and dangerous large waves.

But these tricky conditions often tend to challenge and bring out the enthusiasm of the surfers. Interestingly, a lot of surfers wait for winter the entire year, just so they could demonstrate their skills by riding on those blistering waves. Without a doubt, winter is the most famous surfing season in Kauai, and passionate surfers from all over the globe come to the island from November to February. Usually, the experienced surfers flock to the north shore — thanks to the enormous waves that sometimes rise to a towering height of over 18 feet.

Another favorite activity on the Island is Surf watching. Get a hold of your go-to foods from one of the food trucks nearby, and chill on the sandy shore of the beach for an exquisite show that is to begin.

It is an incredible experience to watch those terrifying waves strike the lava rocks, producing a massive burst of water.

Furthermore, it is extremely fun to see enthusiastic surfers riding the massive waves, displaying total authority over what they’re doing. Secret beach, tunnels, and Hanalei are the most popular places for winter surf watching.

Kayaking and Winter Snorkeling

The island’s reef-protected beaches serve as ideal places for experiencing some unique snorkeling amid the wintery season. The reef acts as a barrier against the powerful and robust ocean waves, forming a shallow and protective pool of water, thereby making it an all-year-round swimming/snorkeling friendly destination.

The list of below-mentioned beaches are perfect for exploring for experienced and beginner snorkelers alike:

  • Koloa Landing
  • Lydgate Beach Park
  • Poipu Beach
  • Anini Beach

Without a doubt, snorkeling is a fun adventure at these stunning places because of multiple varieties of fish — like sea cucumbers, Moorish idols, butterfly fish etc. The honu or the green sea turtles are definitely a treat to the eyes as they swim by your side.

The boat tours and kayak don’t operate out of the north shore amid winter because of the winter swells. In case you are interested in having a lifetime experience of snorkeling or kayak, Poipu should be your go-to place.

In comparison, the south shore is calmer in the winter season, and this is the reason why all the tourists go there for some beach fun.

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