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What Is a Catamaran?

When it comes to sailing, possessing unrestricted access to the top-notch and the most innovative yachts do make a difference. This is exactly the type of thing that can make your vacation go from ordinary to extraordinary. The Moorings catamarans are developed explicitly by famous boat builders Robertson & Caine, a South African company popular for their Leopard brand of ownership yachts.

Are you in search of ultimate comfort while sailing and top-tier relaxation when on your chartered sea tour? If that’s you, then a sailing catamaran is all you need. Unlike a monohull, the catamaran possesses 2 hulls that are joined by crossbeams. Situated in the hulls are the staterooms, each with their own private head. The bridge deck and the deckhouse are utilized as the galley and saloon, and for navigating.

Few of the catamarans also have one more level called the flybridge. The Moorings Sailing catamarans offer an ideal vacation place for making memories on the water. Furthermore:

  • Catamarans possess the ability to anchor in every single bay because their low drafts make it easier to get close to the shore in comparison to a monohull. This adaptability makes snorkeling tours easy for those anxious to see wildlife native to Hawaii’s waters.
  • The Catamarans usually don’t tend to yaw. And since they lay like a raft on the water, sailing them gets quite convenient.
  • Fortunately, due to their 2 hulls, catamarans are able to provide a great deal of living space, which just makes the overall experience much more delightful.

Benefits of a Catamaran

Deck – The catamarans are specifically developed to provide more personal space and different areas for relishing the outdoors. Electric davits make lifting the dinghy comfortable, and the luxurious fly bridges provide extra spaces for entertaining and lounging. This makes our sunset dinner cruise one that can feel like a private event! Due to the fact that catamarans don’t heel, routine activities like cooking can be easily performed with no disruptions whatsoever.

Hulls – Catamaran’s low draft assists in navigating reef passages and allowing close anchoring near the shore. Moreover, because they have less wave impedance, they tend to be relatively light, and at times running quicker than a monohull, particularly when sailing at reaching angles.

Sailing – The helmsman possesses the ability to implement every single sailing maneuvers single-handedly as the required lines are being directed to the helm. Maneuvering, particularly within the marina, is simplified by having 2 propellers and 2 engines. It is also simpler to catch a mooring ball with a catamaran.

Differentiating Features

Safety – Having several systems relevant to onboard safety is one of the most prominent and valuable features of catamarans. For instance, there are 2 engines, 1 in every hull, and 2 rudders. A catamaran could provide even, flat decks, safe, wide passages, and no climbing when required to move from bow to stern.

Set-Up – The consumers’ demands must decide the construction and design of a sailing catamaran as quality and comfort are decisive. This contains ideal hull design for increased volume within the interior, luxurious deckhouses, exterior and interior living areas that are associated with each other, and seating possibilities on the bridge deck for looking at the sensational views.

Navigation – A crucial aspect of a charter yacht is safety, which contains seamless and unrestricted access to the control panel and the ability to communicate smoothly with the crew in the saloon, deckhouse, and on deck. At Kauai Sea Tours, our catamarans provide an extensive sail area, making it smoother to maneuver and sail even with little wind.

Catamaran Tours In Hawaii

If you have a vacation coming up on the beautiful island of Kauai you can capture a stunning view of the cliffs and coastline aboard a Na Pali coast catamaran tour with us!

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