Kekaha-Waimea, Kauai

3 Kauai Activities You Don’t Want to Miss, Kekaha-Waimea, Hawaii

Kauai is the perfect vacation destination for those who love exploring the ocean and trekking through the great outdoors. If you’re planning an upcoming vacation to this tropical paradise, you won’t want to miss all the adventure the island has to offer. Below, the tour guides at Kauai Sea Tours in Eleele, HI, share a few Kauai activities to add to your holiday bucket list.

3 Best Kauai Activities to Try

1. Hiking Through Waimea Canyon

Nicknamed the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” Waimea Canyon is a 10-mile long gorge with a depth of 3,600 feet. It features a number of trails that range from easy to difficult, though they all offer marvelous views of red cliffs, tropical greenery, waterfalls, and rivers.

2. Hang Out at Hanalei Bay

Surrounded by the lush green hills of the North Shore, Hanalei Bay is a majestic place for both locals and tourists spend the day. On one of its four beaches—Black Pot Beach, Hanalei Beach, Waikoko Beach, and Waioli Beach—you can participate in a number of activities, from kayaking and paddle boarding to sunbathing and barbecuing.

3. Whale Watching

kauai activitiesFrom December to May,  humpback whales make their annual migration to Kauai to breed and give birth. You can join a tour to the perfect locations for spotting these beautiful creatures, and if you’re lucky, you may also sight spinner or bottlenose dolphins.

If you want to catch a glimpse of magnificent whales or other sea life found nowhere else on the planet, sign up for an excursion with Kauai Sea Tours. You’ll also have the chance to experience the Na Pali coast, a remote location only accessible with a special permit. Learn more about their long list of Kauai activities and tours, including dolphin watching and snorkeling, on the website, and call (808) 335-5309 to book a tour.