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4 Fascinating Flora & Fauna Species on Kauai

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If you’re considering which Hawaiian island to visit for vacation, Kauai is a must-see. Known as the “Garden Island” because of its spectacular flora and fauna, the Hawaii attractions here are perfect for anyone who loves nature watching. Here are several of the sights you can look forward to during your stay.

4 Flora & Fauna Hawaii Attractions to See on Kauai

1. Plumeria

a close up of a flower

Plumeria flowers

Plumeria trees are abundant on Kauai. With its sweet fragrance and velvety petals, plumeria blossoms are often made into lei and passed on to visitors. In Hawaii, the flower is worn over the left or right ear as a sign of your relationship status.

2. Orchids

The warm weather and humidity allow orchids to flourish on Kauai. The dendrobium orchid is one of the most beautiful varieties, growing in a wide range of colors, from white and lavender to yellow and purple. An orchid called Vanda, often white or lavender, grows along the roadsides on Kauai.

3. Hawaiian Monk Seal

Hawaiian monk seals are endemic to Hawaii and one of two native mammals. Protected under federal law, this endangered species can be spotted resting on the beach occasionally.

4. Birds

Kauai is home to many birds, some of which can only be found on that island. Look for the colorful native honeycreepers, of which there are 22 species, like the ‘apapane or the ʻiʻiwi. The ae‘o, or Hawaiian stilt, is a lovely, 16-inch bird with a black coat, long pink legs, and a white underside that lives in the Kauai wetlands. Hawaii’s state bird, the nene, or Hawaiian goose, grows to 2 feet and has a black head, brown body, and bright yellow cheeks. It is highly endangered, although conservation efforts have brought it back from near extinction.

With so many beautiful Hawaii attractions, it’s no wonder why visiting Kauai is at the top of the list for many tourists. When you’re ready to explore a side of Kauai rarely seen, book a trip with Kauai Sea Tours in Eleele, HI. They offer many exciting activities along the Na Pali Coast, which requires a special permit for access, including boat tours, rafting, and dolphin watching. To learn more about the Hawaii attractions available, visit their website or call (808) 335-5309 to speak with a representative.

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