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Is Tunnels Beach Kauai Open?

a sandy beach next to the ocean

In 2018, a massive flash flood devastated Tunnels Beach on the island of Kauai. This historic, catastrophic flash flood caused landslides that took out major roadways and left dozens of people stranded. With the roads destroyed, almost everyone between Haena and the ocean had to escape by air or by sea.

The efforts to rebuild have been arduous but successful. Tunnels Beach has historically been a favorite location for locals and tourists alike to go snorkeling and swimming. This gorgeous beach offers a soft sandy beach perfect for a picnic or sunbathing and clear blue waters for exploring the coral reef.

This may lead you to ask, is Tunnels Beach open? Where do I find it if it is open? We have the answers below!

Is Tunnels Beach on Kauai Open?

Yes! Tunnels Beach is finally open again after the 2018 floods. The roads leading to Tunnels Beach have been repaired and are easy to visit. If you visit Tunnels Beach, it’s recommended that you arrive early to snag a parking spot though!

Where is Tunnels Beach?

If you travel to the north shore of Kauai, you’ll find the legendary Tunnels Beach. Tunnels Beach, also called Makua, is situated between Haena Beach Park and Kepuhi Point.

How Do I Get Tunnels Beach?

Two roads will give you access to Tunnels Beach. If you drive along Highway 560, you’ll come across Mile Marker 8. There are two dirt roads just after Tunnels Beach that will take you to Tunnels Beach at .4 miles, and .6 miles past the marker. You may see a few signs for other roads deterring you from taking them. These roads will not lead you to Tunnels Beach.

When you go down the two dirt roads after Mile Marker 8, you may have to park along the road and hike the rest of the way to Tunnels Beach. We promise though, it’s a great beach to visit.

You can also park at Haena Beach Park and walk two miles along the beach to Tunnels Beach. Due to the distance and coarse sand that can be difficult to walk on, this is only recommended for more athletic people.

What To Do at Tunnels Beach?

Tunnels Beach looks like the ideal beach to explore on a fun, tropical vacation. Some even say it looks straight out of someone’s imagination of paradise. This is the perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon on Kauai with plenty of fun activities to do.


Verdant green forests line the beach and beautiful golden sands pave the way to the shore. There’s plenty of room to lay out a towel, put on some music, and soak up some sunlight. It’s a very quiet beach, so it’s perfect for taking a nap or reading a book.

Exploring Sea Caves

You can even find sea caves at Tunnels Beach to explore on the edges of the beach.


Tunnels Beach, also known as Makua Beach is a fascinating and unique beach for snorkeling (one of the best snorkeling spots in Kauai). As you make your way to Tunnels Beach for snorkeling, you’ll notice several sand channels.

To respect the coral reef, you should enter and exit the water through the sand channels (tunnels) instead of directly through the coral reef. Once in the water, you’ll find several varieties of marine wildlife and reef plants.

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