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What To Take On A Kauai Sea Tour Cruise?

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You’ve done it! The date is set, you booked your Kauai Sea Tour Cruise tickets, and the excitement is setting in. Your entire trip to and around Kauai is going to be incredible, but you’re especially excited for a Kauai Sea Tour. Whether it’s seeing the Na Pali Coast on one of our catamaran adventures, snorkeling alongside sea turtles and dolphins, or enjoying dinner aboard the catamaran to watch the sunset, you’re in for an unforgettable experience.

As the date gets closer, you’re probably wondering what you’ll need to take with you on your Kauai Sea Tour Cruise. While you won’t need to bring too many items with you, we have a few suggestions on items to pack to make a great experience into something incredible.


Bonus if it’s waterproof!

You’ll want to take photos of your adventures! Bring a camera and snap photos of your family loading and unloading the catamaran. Ask a crew member to take a photo of your family seated together for the family photo album. You’ll want to take photos of the incredible views of the Napali Coast, the sapphire blue ocean, sunset on the Pacific Ocean, and more.

Bringing kids? You’ll want photos of their first time seeing dolphins, humpback whales, sea turtles, and tropical fish.

Are you planning on snorkeling? If your camera is waterproof, snap a few photos while snorkeling underwater!

After your Hawaiian getaway is over and you’re back home, you’re going to love looking through all of your photos and remembering all of the fun memories you made.


Feel the warm rays of sun on your skin, but don’t get a sunburn. You don’t want a lobster-red sunburn showing up in the rest of your vacation photos nor do you want sun damage. Make sure to apply some sunscreen before heading into the sun and every few hours while you’re adventuring.

Hat and Sunglasses

The sun seems to shine a little brighter in Hawaii. Wear a hat and sunglasses on your cruise to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Light Jacket

Kauai’s rainy season runs from November through March. If your vacation is during these months, you may want to bring a light jacket in case it rains while on your Kauai Sea Tour Cruise.


If you’re planning on snorkeling, you should definitely bring a swimsuit or swim trunks so your clothes aren’t wet.

Towel and Spare Change of Clothes

Do you plan to go snorkeling? Then you’re definitely going to get wet from head to toe. When you’re done swimming with sea turtles, dolphins, and tropical fish, you’ll definitely want to dry off with a towel and spare change of clothes.

Even if you’re not snorkeling, bringing a towel still won’t hurt. It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes we encounter some wild waters off the Napali Coast. Our captain always navigates through, but water has been known to splash aboard. Bring a towel in your bag, just in case!

Your Appetite

After you’re done snorkeling or cruising around the coast, you’re probably going to want some refreshments. Breakfast treats, lunch snacks, dinner items, and even vegan meals are available on the Deluxe Snorkel Tour, and they’re delightful. If you booked the Napali Dinner Cruise, you’ll enjoy an exquisite dinner aboard the cruise. Bring your appetite!

Your Phone with Social Media

Don’t forget to tell your friends and relatives back home about the awesome adventure you’re having in Kauai, Hawaii! While cruising around the coast, snap a few photos of the sunset on the Napali Dinner Cruise or have someone take a photo of you in your snorkel gear.

Don’t forget to share your story with us and tag @KauaiSeaTours!

Kauai Sea Tours

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